As per IS 1350-1956; BS 1016.

Used for Determination of heat of combustion, calorific value and sulphur contents of liquid & solid fuels.

The apparatus consists of the followings.:

18/8 quality Stainless Steel Bomb of approximate internal volume of 300 cc. The bomb is provided with two electrodes, one Schrader valve & one hook for lifting the bomb. The inside surface of the bomb is highly polished.

Calorimeter vessel made of copper & highly chromium plated. It includes a bomb support.

Water jacket made of copper and chromium plated. The top of the container, which is made of Bakelite, carries the stirrer with motor.

Stirrer driven with motor. The RPM is approximately 800, which is sufficient to produce turbulence & no heat is imparted to the calorimeter vessel.

Firing Unit showing the voltage & fitted with a point of stirrer, a push switch & two terminals with connecting wires for the bomb.

Oxygen Pressure Gauge on a stand with fine adjustment cock & copper pipes to connect the oxygen cylinder & the bomb.

A stainless Steel Crucible of specified dimensions.

Nichrome wire 44 SWG.

Pellet Press making solid pellets, bomb head support and spanners etc.
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Complete with Digital Thermometer having range of 0-50ºC x 0.01ºLeast Count.