As per IS 2720 (PART XVII) 1966.

The apparatus is used to determine permeability of soils using a constant or variable head.

This test is recommended for soils with coefficient of permeability in the range of 10-3 to 10-7 cm / sec. The maximum particle size of the soil, which can be tested in the mould is 10 mm.

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The equipment comprises the followings :
> Gun Metal Mould. 100 mm ID x 127.3 mm High x
1000 ml Volume.
> Extension collar of G. M. 100 mm Dia x 60 mm High for
the above mould.
> G.M. Drainage Base Plate with a recess for a porous
stone and with an outlet valve.
> Metallic Clamping Ring.
> Gun Metal Drainage Cap (Top Plate with a recess for a
porous stone and fitted with an outlet valve and an air
release valve).
> Porous Stone for Drainage Cap.
> Porous Stone for base plate.
> Set of three Glass Stand Pipes approximately 6, 10
and 20 mm Dia mounted on a wooden board. To
read water head, 2 Nos. meter scales are fixed
between the tubes.
> A 3-meter long rubber tubing with a pinch cock
is also provided.

Essential Accessories

  • Model Name:OVER HEAD TANK.
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Made of G.I. Sheet with six outlet at bottom and inlet port on top. Size is of 37.5 cm Dia x 1 mtr High. An arrangement is provided to indicate water level of the tank.

  • Model Name:RAMMERS - SOIL COMPACTION. 2.60 Kg.
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Weight : 2.6 Kg; Controlled Drop : 310 mm.

  • Model Name:RAMMERS - SOIL COMPACTION. 4.89 Kg..
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Weight : 4.89 Kg; Controlled Drop : 410 mm.